The Waitress of Life
(Ten Contemporary Christian Scenes)
by Victoria Morris Fast Pencil

"If the Waitress of Life was able to serve up any kind of spirituality you wished, would you order a popular entrée or an eclectic Ala carte? Victoria Morris clarifies the question and offers some unexpected answers in the Ten Contemporary Christian Scenes that she presents in her debut book."

Though raised a Catholic, Victoria Morris was always interested in various religions and eventually became a Born Again Christian through The Meeting Place. She has also been involved with some aspect of the theater and drama. These two factors brought her to the place where she was able to create her 10 Contemporary Christian Scenes.

The common thread that runs through each of the scenes is a contrast between contemporary culture and the basic tenets of Christianity. Seekers will be relieved to know that there is no preaching involved. The reader is left to draw his or her conclusions and, perhaps, use them as springboards for lively discussions.

Each scene is complete with stage directions and character descriptions. Once the scene is set, the spotlight is on the speaker while the other actors continue with quiet action in the background. The scenes reflect almost stereotypical characterizations which serve to exaggerate certain traits and qualities about the players. For example, Table 1 Man 1 (braggart) and Woman 1 (Business type, but humble/hiding it.)

The Waitress of Life provides a unique opportunity for schools, churches, and clubs to present short vignettes that convey the message of Christianity with a soft and graceful touch.

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