Walking in the Miracles of Prayer
by Margaret Ngozi Iduma, Ph.D.
LitFire Publishing

"Through the privileges I had leading prayers with my team, I am today walking in the miracles of my prayers."

Offering practical suggestions for enhancing one’s prayer life, the author hopes that her own experience will guide others. In this short but inspiring work, she sympathizes with those who are suffering in their lives and offers a solution: taking their suffering to God through prayer. She begins by retelling, in dramatic language, several key Biblical stories that underpin her message: that of Esther, who showed how to be an ideal queen and wife; Daniel who did not let fear hold back his prophetic mission; Jabez, who knew he must go directly to the Lord to put things right. To achieve the goal of “walking in the miracles of prayer,” Iduma advises five techniques: attending church services, praying with scripture (because, as she notes, the disciples of Jesus didn’t ask him for wealth or talent, but only how to pray), using what she calls “prayer points,” praying through songs, and praying “any-how”—in whatever position and circumstance one finds oneself.

Growing up as one of eight children, all of whom attained higher education, Iduma also honors her mother in this book, a strong role model without whom she might never have been encouraged, as a female in her culture, to continue her schooling. Iduma writes with obvious zeal and has chosen her words well. Her grasp of language is generally strong, and she has taken care to organize her subject. In an emotive chapter, the author reveals how she was able to repay her mother for her efforts on behalf of her children by becoming not only a Ph.D. but also a reverend. Sincere and highly intentioned, this book could provide personal motivation to those in crisis who are trying to survive the storms of life. It could also be used in a study group examining the many ways that prayer affects the spiritual life.

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