We Danced!: A Devotional Filled with Excerpts from the Dance of a Real Fairy-Tale Romance
by Lin Sons
LitFire Publishing

"God says that in everything we are to be thankful. We exhibit that thankfulness in our marriages by being a more effective witness for Him. When did a change of plans upset all of your plans but work out best in the end?"

As the book states within the very first sentence, marriage is like a dance. Merely knowing the steps is not enough: it takes practice to hone and refine your skills, and at times you might lose the beat or miss a step. As long as you manage to get back in sync, the dance of marriage can be an exciting experience and a chance for both you and your spouse to grow. In her book, the author describes her own marriage and uses moments from her own life to support a thoughtful and spiritual journey towards a stronger marriage.

The theme of dancing is maintained perfectly throughout the book, sometimes literally but more often metaphorically. The author asserts that marriage is a dance between three—you, your partner, and God—and the book becomes more and more about how to balance this three-pronged relationship in a healthy and meaningful way. This unusual advice book on relationships is also part memoir as Sons tells the story of her own relationship with her husband and family over the years. Full of heart and spirit, it never feels like she is just telling us her life story for the sake of it, and each short chapter in the author's life serves as an example and a prompt for the following "dance tip." The tips begin with a statement about God and his place in your life and relationship, followed by an often practical question. This book will make you think deeply about what makes your relationship work, what place God has in this relationship, and how to maintain the inertia of the dance despite occasionally stepping on each other’s toes.

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