Wendy Takes a Stand
by Christy Wilburn Nobella Webb
Stratton Press

"It’s more important to be beautiful on the inside and treat everyone you meet with respect and kindness."

Wendy is a young, attractive girl going through the changing dynamics of adolescence. The story opens with her attempting to navigate her feelings for Russell, a boy who once bullied her but now shows that he is interested in her. The school newspaper publishes a story highlighting Wendy’s beautiful red hair and her judo adventures over the summer. This combined with the attention of various boys at school causes Darsha to be jealous of Wendy. Darsha and her friends set out to make Wendy’s life miserable. Will Darsha succeed in sabotaging Wendy’s happy life? Will Wendy choose revenge or forgiveness?

This delightful story will remind the reader of the importance of family, adventures, forgiveness, and service in a young person’s life. Wendy’s use of her self-defense skills shows that even though a person is kind and loving, she can still defend herself from those trying to harm her. The author demonstrates the importance of inner beauty by showing that Wendy’s friends and family stand by her side even when her long gorgeous hair is maliciously cut. Webb pens a creative coming-of-age story of forgiveness, adolescent struggles, and spiritual growth in this heartwarming book. The importance of family and laughter is highlighted in the family dinner scenes and in the jobs that Wendy performs. Wendy’s process of praying to God shows the importance of spiritual reflection in navigating challenging situations. A reader can clearly look forward to continuing to follow Wendy’s adventures in the last line: “only time will tell what’s around the corner!”

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