West of Famous
by Joni M. Fisher

"Facing her mortality clarified her perspective in unexpected ways."

Martina Ramos takes a job as a celebrity stand-in for Ruby, a pop star who is secretly closeted away in rehab. When Martina is kidnapped in Miami by criminals who believe she is the famous singer, a manhunt ensues to rescue her. Racing the clock to meet ransom demands and to keep the kidnappers from realizing that Martina is merely a body double, investigators act quickly to track Martina’s whereabouts through the local nightclubs and the marinas on the Florida coastline.

Combining the elements of a police procedural and a suspenseful thriller, Fisher tics all the boxes for a compelling crime novel that will keep readers turning pages to the satisfying conclusion. Martina is a crafty, well-drawn character who refuses to be a victim, preferring instead to take action to save herself. She keeps the plot moving forward in unexpected ways and fuels the adrenaline-soaked venture of survival at the hands of menacing kidnappers. Martina’s ordeal leads her to some deep soul-searching about what really matters in life, and Fisher strikes a poignant tone in these scenes of revelation in the face of death.

Fisher also packs the pages with a supporting cast of FBI agents, investigators, Florida retirees, and eco-tourists that add intrigue and subplots which propel the story forward. The author expertly develops fringe characters to add another layer of relationships and unpredictability to this riveting crime story. With an emphasis on following the evidence and clues to find the kidnappers, crime fiction fans will appreciate the details of the investigation. Fisher’s ability to anchor the story with a strong sense of place makes this a memorable story with a unique Floridian flair.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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