Whatever It Takes: When Duty Calls
by Harvey Cleggett
Xlibris AU

"The criminal axis in this country is tilting at an alarming rate. I just hope we can get on top of it before we’re overwhelmed."

There’s big trouble in Australia as Victoria’s Parliament House is under siege by terrorists. With the death toll rising, special units from the police and the army mount a daring rescue, only to be stalled by a wickedly brilliant exit plan. A temporary stalemate ensues. The terrorist leader helicopters away with a police inspector as the hostage. One siege is ending, but the mayhem and carnage are only beginning in this excellent action adventure.

Detective Inspector Michael Ballard is the cop caught in a web of increasing violence as it is determined that the aforementioned attack was only a scheme to secure funds for ongoing criminal enterprises by The Board—a clandestine, illicit organization. Their ruthless pursuit of money and power knows no bounds. Soon blackmail, murder, and more are penetrating the highest echelons of Australian life. It’s up to Ballard and his team to unmask the evildoers and stop the increasingly brutal transgressions.

Author Cleggett doesn’t spare the horsepower in this jet-fueled tale of cat and mouse. He keeps the pace rapid amid escalating obstacles. His hero, Ballard, has to not only pursue, identify, and subdue The Board, he also has to keep his wife and family from being targets of revenge from Sergey, a lethal villain of unparalleled capabilities. Cleggett writes crisp, clipped dialogue with stinging sarcasm and wisecracking humor. He seldom lets up on suspense and heart-pounding action sequences, yet he still finds time to drop in engaging idylls taken by Ballard and his bride to decompress amid the calamities surrounding them. Taught drama, authentic police procedures, and excellent character development make this thriller a cut above the competition. Give it a look.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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