Where Icarus Failed to Fly
by William and Emily Andrews

"Assistance in confronting faulty memories only increases agitation because the ego admits no such flaws."

William and Emily, after the deaths of William’s parents, find themselves in a small-town motel, desperate for a place to stay. Expecting a healthy inheritance but having little resources at the moment, William negotiates a deal with the motel owner whereby he will perform daily maintenance in exchange for a place to stay temporarily with payment of the remainder upon leaving. Determined to exploit this opportunity, the owner of the motel engages in illegal actions to keep William and Emily stranded there, providing him with virtually free labor for the entire property. As the situation intensifies, William has still not received his inheritance and later learns that he has been declared missing and dead as part of a plot of his ex-wife to manipulate his life and steal his inheritance.

The first part of this book follows the story of the motel, William’s ex-wife (known as The Angel of Death), and a struggle across multiple years that tests the couple to their absolute limits. The second part of the book is a philosophical and spiritual text, examining the lessons that William learned throughout his ordeal and subsequent heart attack. Utilizing post-graduate and doctorate degrees in theology, family therapy, and psychology respectively, the authors are able to offer deep insights on concerns of the mind and the soul, whether it’s a need for closure or understanding and analyzing the ability of humans to be evil. Whether in using story as a metaphor, a direct nonfiction route, or even through the occasional poem included in this versatile book, the authors provide an unapologetic look at the entire spectrum of human behavior, highlighting both the best and worst that people are capable of.

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