Whisper in the Wind
by Eolane

"Jewel–my family name. Jewels described who I was, where I came from, the hues of my life. The jewel-like waters of the ocean, the jeweled colors of my attire, the semiprecious stones of my jewelry–even my name, Amber Topaz Jewel, reflected the California coastline."

This fast-paced thriller tells the story of a confident young California woman named Amber, a recent college graduate who has been offered an important position in the hallowed halls of the State Department in Washington DC. Having never been separated from her over-protective family for too long, Amber is nervous but filled with hope as she sets out to make her own way for the first time in her life. On her journey to self-discovery, she will encounter love, passion, and friendship, while boldly testing the predetermined boundaries ascribed to women in the 1970s.  She will also encounter danger and darkness that will test the limits of these same friendships and romantic relationships, and she will learn just how strong she can be without the loving aid of her family.

Over the span of only a few short years away from her family, she finds herself in environments that she could have never envisioned for herself in her wildest dreams, and she will have to lean heavily on the special gift that has been passed down in her family for many years. Eolane seemed to pen the novel with every ounce of her being, and this prose perfectly captures Amber’s beleaguered nature by the time her journey ended. She also creates vivid images through Amber’s eyes that remind readers of the beauty that exists in the nation’s government buildings, but are often easily forgotten and buried underneath the power of politics. This fiction that is blended with Eolane’s actual life story is the first in an on-going series, “The Jewel Chronicles,” that she is writing with her son by her side crafting the profound illustrations.

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