You Are Here for a Reason
by Celeste Gianni
Xlibris AU

"Get up every morning with the aches and creaks, and keep moving. Every day is a blessing; don’t ever give up."

Child of Greek migrants living in Australia, Gianni early on perceived that she didn’t fit in with other children. Certain incidents indicated the possibility of psychic abilities. An unknown woman approached her on the street saying that she’d been getting “messages from her guides” about Gianni’s near-death experiences. As a mother, Gianni could hear her children summoning her mentally, once receiving a powerful message to save her infant child, whom she found inexplicably outside her room and about to grasp some poisonous rat bait. Several times the author’s vacation plans would be blocked for no apparent reason; only later would she discover that the destination was in the throes of natural disaster or war. She mentally “saw” an unknown girl running from a “house of horrors” and later learned that the envisioned escape had actually happened the day after her vision. All the while, Gianni suffered from mysterious illnesses and allergies with no secure medical diagnosis or cure, but she never gave up hope.

The author of this mystic memoir has suffered much of her life with physical and emotional pain, but in compensation, she believes she has been endowed with inner sight. Gianni’s ability to impart her thoughts and feelings as a writer is another blessing she has been given as is evidenced by these remarkable memories and objective, accessible insights. Her story reveals a resolve to survive a tough childhood, some dysfunctional relationships, chronic illness, and the challenges inherent in being able to see into the minds and crises of others without always knowing who they were or how she could help. Yet despite her occasional bouts of discouragement, and with the help of friends and guides, she has decided to be heard, to overcome shadows of the past, and share the best of her unusual experiences with others.

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