8 Frog Street
by Rezaul Khan
PageTurner Press and Media

"The Philippines has a mythological culture: many people believe in supernatural and mythical things."

This fictional work, inspired by the author's experiences while living in the Philippines, tells of the life of Chinese immigrant Lee Chan through the eyes of his neighbor Richie King. King rents a house from the ultra-rich Chan and is faced with the prospect that the house at 8 Frog Street is haunted. As King begins to unravel the house's mysteries, he learns of the fascinating life of Chan, who started his life in the Philippines as a poor boy of ten and rose to the heights of a wealthy businessman. However, was his rise to riches helped along by a ghost?

The author creates a story of supernatural intrigue and delves into the world of biological warfare. Khan draws upon the many superstitions of Manila's people, including the belief in ghosts, zombies, and other paranormal activities. Khan's work is an interesting look at the culture and beliefs of the people of the Philippines. The book links the stories of paranormal activities and entities through the life of Lee Chan. Readers are drawn into the story by the recurring visions of a mysterious woman in white. Giant frogs invade the grounds of 8 Frog Street, and its residents hear piano music at night.

Khan holds the reader's interest through the many stories King uncovers as he searches for answers to these strange happenings at his residence. As Chan's history is revealed, descriptive language and an intricate plot hold the story together. The many plot twists and the biochemical warfare aspect of the story render this an intriguing read. Those who enjoy paranormal stories will likely find Khan's first novel an interesting read.

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