A Caring God
by Patricia A. David
PageTurner Press and Media

"Heaven or Hell, where will you be? Where will you spend Eternity?"

Learning to see with the eyes of the soul is at the heart of this poetry compilation that explores the dichotomy between a caring God who sacrifices his only son for humanity and Satan’s never-ending attempts to trap one within the web of temptation. Right from the opening title poem, “A Caring God,” David drives home the essence of vision by using the metaphor of birds emerging from the trees as birdseed is thrown on the ground. God is throwing that birdseed for humanity in the form of myriad blessings, and it is up to people to learn to change their perspective and the lens through which they see.

From discussions of how to embrace fear and faith to examples of abiding by God’s Word and truly understanding that death is not the end, the poetry moves beyond simply broad conversations of believing in the Lord. On the contrary, it peers within to help demonstrate how spirituality and faith can eliminate the what-ifs that so many struggle to come to terms with at the end of life. In memorable fashion, the poem “I coulda shoulda woulda” captures the pulse of not just this generation but humanity throughout history by highlighting the single-mindedness of individuals and the alarming rate at which terms like kindness and compassion are marginalized.

David’s commentary is easily digestible and lighthearted, striking a fine balance between declaring a sense of urgency (as one knows not when the end is near) and an appreciation for a life living in Christ’s love. Whether depicting joy or grief, this poetry compilation helps readers understand that God’s light can absorb all human feelings and provide an abode of infinite peace and love.

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