A Girl's Greek Odyssey
by Nicki Collins Geigert

"Greece was a fabulous trip with memories to last a lifetime."

One of the best gifts a person can receive is the gift of travel. Soon after Savannah graduates from high school, she embarks on a tour of Greece. Her aunt, a travel writer and photographer, accompanies her and chronicles the trip as they traverse the island. Geigert captures her niece enjoying historical sites, natural wonders, and cultural highlights all across Greece. Each stop on their journey comes to life with background information, vibrant photographs, and interesting observations. Additionally, she delves into the country's rich ancient and biblical history and highlights the architectural masterpieces. The beautiful beaches, scenic overlooks, and amazing ruins are also on display in this special travelogue.

This celebration of one young woman's journey through Greece will give readers a plethora of experiences to discover, inspiring travelers to take the scenic route through this bountiful country. Greece has something for everyone, and Savannah explores all of it. Geigert captures her joyful exuberance. Alongside Savannah, readers can deepen their knowledge of Greece and maybe even begin planning their own excursions there. Immersive and informative, Geigert's book beckons readers to the ruins of ancient days and the cooling blue waters of the sea, to savor the delights of Greek food and contemplate mystical stories of gods and goddesses.

Well-planned and flawlessly executed, Savannah's journey can be used as a model itinerary or as inspiration to embark on personal adventures out in the world. This delightful account and guided tour of Greece can serve as hope on the horizon for would-be travelers languishing in their wanderlust, unsatisfied and uninspired. It may just be the wake-up call needed for one to book a flight and start exploring a remarkable land filled with cultural wonders and adventurous outings.

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