A Light in the Darkness
by Rian McMurtry
Author Reputation Press

"She didn’t want to ever have to rely on someone else to protect her again."

Angela Fujiwara has certainly been through her fair share of adventure. Who else can say that she was brought back to life after a bus accident? Her classmate, Seth, saved her life with necromancy and has now agreed to have Angela as an apprentice in order to teach her everything he can. Now entering her sophomore year of high school, she's learning to develop her magical abilities and will be put to the ultimate test.

Young adult fans will most certainly appreciate the fantasy and supernatural elements this installment in the series brings to the table. How the plot is driven relies heavily on dialogue, which can be both a positive and a negative for delivery. It excels in allowing readers to delve into the various characters, getting an insight into their thoughts and feelings. However, on the flip side, it makes it hard to set up action and environment for various situations. It leaves a lot up to readers' imagination, which can be turned into a positive, as it allows the reader to become immersed in the story.

The story itself is engaging and exciting, particularly any time Angela uses her magical abilities. All of the characters are enjoyable and quirky, and the relationship between Angela and Seth is complex but fun to follow. Many readers will immediately be drawn to Angela's spunk and confidence, even if they haven't read the first book in the series. The worldbuilding itself is one of the great strengths, as it really explores the elements that will bring in many fantasy lovers.

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