A Narrative Tale of Morocco
by J Peter Hall

"Our first order of business this last day in Morocco was to go inside the Hassan II Mosque."

A whirlwind tour of Morocco blooms on the pages of this travelogue. The author and his wife Zhane spend ten days with a tour guide exploring the countrye through the food, art, architecture, and history. He relives the daily excursions of the trip for readers through photographs, descriptions, stories, and research. His passion and love for his experience in Morocco are infectious and will remind readers of the joys and benefits of travel for the mind and soul. Visiting another country offers an opportunity to understand the universal pursuit of beauty, appreciate the world's hardworking people, and adopt a global perspective. Those wistful for travel will find a kindred spirit in the pages of this tale.

Hall's itinerary is jam-packed with visits to famous sites and cities, cultural events, and delicious meals. The author's tour group immerses itself in all that Morocco offers visitors, inspiring travelers to take part in this kind of guided travel experience. Hall may be chronicling his personal experience, but he uncovers so much more than tourist sites with his insights into the people and places. These are revealed through simple observation and attention to the scenes before him and from research that he does on his own. These bits of research in the form of Wikipedia excerpts are sprinkled throughout the chronicle and provide some background and context for some of the sites. This heartfelt and personal recollection of a Moroccan travel adventure transports readers to a place full of delights and wonders. As readers see the country through Hall's eyes, the desire to explore the world firsthand will undoubtedly be either ignited or rekindled.

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