A Place for No One
by James Rozhon
Gotham Books

"I felt that I was blind in the house of knives."

David Colton has just turned thirty-three years old. He is recently divorced and shows his love of books by managing a local bookstore. David is caught off guard when he is invited for an impromptu birthday dinner by his parents. A birthday gift of $10,000 from them surprises him even more. However, David’s world is rocked when he is notified that his parents have been killed in an apparent liquor store robbery. David’s grief is coupled with nagging questions about his parent’s demise and the gift they gave him. The police caution David against conducting an independent investigation into matters, but his love for his parents and curiosity motivate him to dig into the case. Soon, David learns more than he had ever bargained for.

Author Rozhon has crafted an entertaining and often humorous mystery that grabs the reader’s attention from the onset. Part of the book’s success comes from the author’s ability to make his characters relatable and real. For example, David’s life has its complications, but the murder of his parents changes him immeasurably, much as it would almost anyone. David’s plight is near unimaginable, but he distinguishes himself by not surrendering to self-pity. He is smart but not inconspicuous in his attempts to inquire about his parent’s death. Rozhon’s pairing of David with his co-worker Tempest lightens up the story often with humor along with romance. Tempest is a risk taker, whereas David is cautious. She is his ideal counterpoint. David’s occasional breaking of the fourth wall in addressing the reader provides moments of levity. Rozhon has penned an appealing narrative that combines a whodunit with the right amount of heart.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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