"The conclusion of this prayer at Jerusalem was to educate myself on the issues and then wait patiently but actively on the Lord."

In this “critique of contemporary western society,” conservative Cornelius Van Blyderveen examines various issues from a biblical perspective and incorporates his own personal experiences that have shaped his political philosophy. The author explores many important hot-button topics, including abortion, critical race theory, and the Trump presidency. He also wades into economic policy and globalism. Van Blyderveen is from Canada, so he spends some time analyzing the role of residential schools in the lives of First Nation Canadians and the official apology to the indigenous people from the Canadian government. The author’s intent is to generate dialogue, inspire critical thinking, and defend the social contract as a biblical covenant.

With conviction and urgency, Van Blyderveen challenges readers to think deeply about the role of religion in all facets of life. For him, religion is “inescapable” because it should be the guiding force that shapes political beliefs, actions, and policies. Infused with biblical wisdom and his own experience, he writes with vigor on the pressing issues of the present day. He defends the pro-life movement, the safety of Israel, and the Trump presidency while also considering a connection between biblical teachings, economic policy, and monetary principles.

This contribution to the civil discourse of the day is far-reaching and deeply reflective, serving as an example of engaged citizens of the world partaking in the free exchange of ideas. In a world where beliefs are reduced to soundbites without context or explanation, this book offers the foundation for conservative beliefs rooted in biblical truths and provides a more expansive view of many different issues.

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