A Throne of Her Own
by Hayley Van Duyn

"Everyone should be able to feel as special as I do."

The author's book tells a beautiful story of a young girl, Lahn, with a heart of gold. Although handicapped and confined to a wheelchair, she spreads love and kindness to all with her generosity. Lahn wants nothing in return for her generosity but simply wants everyone around her to feel special. After returning the prince's precious lost dog and tutoring the prince in his studies for many years when others were unsuccessful, they form a loving friendship that blossoms into a royal marriage that she could never have imagined. The sweet princess, still only wanting to spread joy, opens her castle to others so that they might feel the magic she feels.

Much like the young girl in her story, Duyn writes in hopes of spreading positivity and inclusivity to all people, including those with disabilities. Her message of equality is one that inspires her young audience to be anything they want to be regardless of roadblocks that might hold them back otherwise. As an advocate for people with disabilities, her book closes the gaps for those who can't quite envision what their future could hold. From her brilliant story of hope, she teaches her readers strong moral values that most parents want their children to learn. For example, through the actions and the heart of Princess Lahn and her journey toward her throne, they are shown the importance of being kind to all people, giving time and effort when one has nothing else to offer, and always doing what is good and right.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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