A Triumphant Journey to Finding True Love
by Lori Cameron
Word Art Publishing

"If I had only known that the Lord was my Shepard and that Jesus loves His little children, how different might my life have been?"

A woman recalls her journey from abuse and danger to a new life of faith and hope in this emotional memoir. Author Marten was born in Ireland to a hysterical and abusive alcoholic mother and a kind but undemonstrative father. After a teen romance that blew apart, she married an older man, moved with him to Canada, and had two sons. But her husband became perverse, forcing her into degrading sexual activity. Marten, almost suicidal, found comfort in the attentions of an Italian man. But slowly, she realized he was bi-polar and was becoming increasingly threatening. After a car accident and a second marital breakup, she had a nervous breakdown, during which she reconnected with Bible reading. This would gradually lead her to faithful membership in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, where she has become a lay preacher. She also fosters dogs in her new home in Wales.

Marten has strong memories of her earlier life and writes frankly about the trials she has encountered, as well as her achievements, such as discovering as she recuperated from the car crash that she had the talent and ability to work in the insurance trade. She prayed deeply for good outcomes, envisioning a cottage like the one she now occupies, with strong conviction that the Lord would lead her to it and to the contented life she now leads. In her book, she speaks candidly to those she may have affected negatively, offering hope that they will reach a point of understanding and forgiveness as she has. Her well-organized chronology is enhanced with numerous short biblical quotations appropriate to the situations she endured. Her book could serve as a quiet inspiration to any reader, but most especially to women who have experienced any aspect of the ordeals she has faced and overcome.

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