by Joy Ballentine

"He knows when something isn’t right. 'Nothing I can’t take care of. I was raised not to be foolish.' He smiles at me."

With her wedding just days away, Bridget is being pulled in several directions. She is dedicated to her betrothed, powerful Southern lawyer Rolance James St. Pierre, but her heart wants something else. Craving her independence and a return to her hobby of motorcycles, she is willing to put all of that in the past until she learns of Roland's infidelity. Set on revenge, Bridget is ready to rediscover herself with the help of Axel Mason, head mechanic at the garage she owns. Axel is prepared to confess his feelings for "Brie," but after years of living by Roland's rules, the once self-assured Bridget needs plenty of tuning-up herself before she can rediscover the version of herself that she badly wants to be. Torn between different worlds, Bridget has to follow her heart in order to flourish.

Bridget's identity crisis takes center stage in the dramatic moments of this story. Still, there are plenty of memorable lines, imaginative characters, and steamy moments of intimacy to keep the reader's attention at all times during this book. The dialogue is crisp, the heartbreak is palpable, and the erotic imagery sets the reader's imagination alight. Salacious details aside, the story develops quickly and then gives itself plenty of time to come to a boil, providing a compelling internal drama with the main character's choices. Like any classic romance, there is plenty of heartbreak, lots of passion, and just enough spice to make the reader sit up when things start getting hot. Readers who prefer a blue-collar everyman story to the pomp and circumstance of a Jane Austen novel will be able to relate and commiserate with Bridget as she handles this major turning point in her life.

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