Abide Dwell
by Patricia A. David
PageTurner Press and Media

"Trust Jesus for each day, let him lead you all the way."

This collection by poet David centers around the book’s title concepts: Christian scripture often speaks of dwelling in God’s house and sustaining an abiding faith in Him. The opening work, “Never Be Discouraged,” projects this theme, inviting readers to set fears aside and abide in Christ. The author believes that one’s hopes will be fulfilled in trusting God, and one’s perspectives may change, as expressed in “Going Where?”: “Stop worrying about how you look outside, look into your heart.” Like some others in the book, this poem is accompanied by a verse from the Holy Bible.

The piece titled “New Abode” references the singing of “Home Sweet Home,” imagining the “glorious day” when humans will be with Jesus, the biblical “Bridegroom” in a “Heavenly abode.” David treats throughout this assemblage with the ephemeral nature of human life as contrasted with the beauty and happiness of “Heaven’s Home Awaiting”: “Streets of gold, and so much more.”

The sense of anticipation and the willingness to give up earthly desires to achieve that eternal goal pervade these lively selections. David’s poetic works, with dates given, indicate years of creative effort, all evoking wide-ranging imagery from scriptural delving that she has transformed into simple, enjoyable, and rhythmic verse. Holding to the overall vision of finding one’s way through life’s vicissitudes to achieve a haven with the Lord, she shares her own life experience and relates to that of her readers in numerous ways, picturing someone relaxing in a chair after an especially busy day, for example, and wishing “that life would be easier.” As always, the remedy, the desired conclusion, is prayer and faith, which David links to ultimate gladness and peace. Her works deserve reading among thoughtful Christians, who might gather to discuss them in an informal setting of sharing and outreach.

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