"Embracing Christianity is not simply adding another activity to our lives. It is instead a total commitment, encompassing every aspect of living."

Author McIntyre urges readers to thoroughly examine how their Christian beliefs affect the way they think and act, suggesting that many churches are weak and followers bland in their practice because they fail to follow through on the dramatic impetus of their conversion, baptism, or Pentecostal experience. God has many gifts to offer, and believers must learn to access and utilize them. McIntyre carries readers smoothly through a life lived in faith, acknowledging, for example, that most people have a “wandering time” in adolescence and early adulthood when they are rebelling, perhaps against their upbringing, and seeking to prove themselves as strong adults at whatever cost. Once in their middle years, with family and wage-earning responsibilities, they must adopt a faith life of positive action reflecting God’s wish for them, reaching out to other Christians and perhaps non-believers with inspiring personal testimony and, yes, the willingness to tithe. By retirement age, they can act with generosity and wisdom to a new generation, awaiting the promise of a heavenly afterlife.

In this wide-ranging, rational religious treatise, author McIntyre shows himself as an attentive believer and an industrious biblical researcher who has lived his life according to the principles he sets forth for others. Many personal recollections enliven his text, giving it credence beyond simple preaching or teaching. He presents his opinions regarding such difficult issues as the way that Christians often negatively regard homosexuals, suggesting they should receive one’s compassion and prayer. Sin and Satan will prey upon all people, and all must be vigilant in grappling with temptation. McIntyre is convinced that God gives prayer language to those who believe and that it alone can solve many problems. His book is well organized and generously offered to any group or individual sincerely exploring Christian concepts and next steps.

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