Ace Your Professional Journey: The Ace Mindset Alignment Paradigm
by Laƫtitia Gnago, MBA, CPTM, MCCT, PPPC

"Celebrate short-term wins toward the goals; you must genuinely feel good about the progress, while still expecting longer-term success."

Some people are capable of being happy and productive at their job because they find their passion, doing what they truly love. For others, those opportunities may be more difficult to attain, but that doesn't mean one can't still take pride in and love what they do. Those people are professionals who find ownership in their work and excel through a combination of aptitude and attitude. In this book, the author details the personal stops along her own journey, pointing out how she eventually became an "ace" professional. Teaching others the mental perspectives and values that will allow them to attain the same level of job satisfaction and personal growth the author has experienced, this book offers appropriate ways and avenues for creating new opportunities and satisfying changes in the workplace.

Starting by defining the aims of her program and the specific terms that she uses, the author expertly goes into how to become an ace one step at a time, changing thinking patterns and recognizing situations that can be changed versus those that simply require moving on and trying again. After two useful introductory sections, the longest and third part of the book dedicates entire chapters to various important topics, such as vision, alignment maintenance, circumstantial management, and other detailed and oriented goals in positivity. By the end of this book, readers should have a precise idea of how to implement these ideas no matter what field they work or desire to work in. Written in clear, concise language and using examples that are relatable to anybody who has spent any time in the workforce, this is a useful tool for resetting ruts and tired ways of thinking and turning any career into a chance to excel and find personal fulfillment.

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