by David Davila
Author Reputation Press

"I had brought forth something more horrifying than any element that this world has ever encountered."

After his father's horrible death, geneticist Jeffrey E. Mongroll II is intent on finding a way to save humans from the ravages of cancer and other diseases that cause suffering. Disillusioned with the world's evils, Jeffrey, with the help of his fiancée, Mary, and friend Jacob, begins to search for a cure that will allow humanity to live without fear, disease, or violence. He confesses in his journal, "I became possessed. It was driving me with a blind passion. Hence, I began my research at night for knowledge." Jeffrey and his partners begin secretly experimenting on humans, hoping to create a creature that will serve as "the new protector of this world." However, the experiment goes horribly wrong, leaving Jeffrey in despair. "What I created was neither good nor beautiful. What I had created was hideous." This creation, which Jeffrey names Adam, is anything but what he envisioned, and it will cost him everything.

In this sci-fi thriller, the protagonist breaks the laws of nature when he attempts to play God, even though his actions stem from good intentions. The result is the monster, Adam—a bloodthirsty creature whose appetite for human flesh increases daily. Through moving diary entries, Davila examines the turmoil of Jeffrey's mind as he grapples with the horrible result of his self-proclaimed God complex. These journal musings offer an intriguing philosophical discussion concerning the nature of mankind. The author presents graphic descriptions of the monster's attacks and the carnage left behind, making this a novel for adult readers. Davila's vision of Adam and his creator is both fascinating and frightening. His exploration of the nature of humanity and evil is an underlying theme that broadens the book's appeal.

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