Alfred Creek
by D. L. Waterhouse
PageTurner Press and Media

"My long-anticipated vacation adventure had become a turning point in my life and, I might add, the lives of my whole family."

Lou Worley heads out on an adventure in Alaska that sends his life careening in new directions that provide wealth and danger as well as opportunities to change the lives of those he encounters. Worley finds gold in Alaska, a vein worth millions and one that funds a new life in a new community. Once he relocates his family to Alaska, he becomes involved in many high-profile adventures involving a drug cartel, illegal hunting, and a diamond hunt. He also engages with the needs of people suffering in his newfound home state by providing resources and support to help with the drug epidemic. Additionally, he connects on a more personal and individual level by helping people turn their lives around. Overall, he uses his life to impact others in positive ways and never turns away from a challenge or difficulty.

Set in the beautiful wilds of Alaska, this novel has thrills abounding for Worley and for readers as they follow this exciting character through the clouds, over the interior, and even under the water for unexpected encounters. With his wise assessments of situations and strong ability to defend himself and his family, Worley is an everyman hero who is just trying to do the right thing. As the years go by, he feels compelled to do God’s work as he becomes more involved in the community and connects with criminals he hopes to transform. This is a heartfelt thriller that explores the impact of one man who doesn’t seek the limelight yet finds himself making a difference through his actions and his commitment. In Worley, Waterhouse has not only created an engaging protagonist but also an inspiring one.

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