All Glory to God: Intuitions of a Priest
by Jose F. Lucero
Pen Culture Solutions

"God speaks to us through others, through our dreams, through lucid moments and is trying to get our attention to communicate with us."

According to Lucero in his slim but keen and touching book, the presence of God is felt through dreams and supernatural experiences. Once able to find the courage to write, the author traverses fond memories amid the painful grief of his brother, Luis, and sister, Lisa, with their untimely departures two years apart. The afflictions of cancer inevitably take their lives, ushering in a profound loss for Lucero and his family. But through writing this book, the author searches for and finds comfort while wondering about the afterlife and the unusual occurrences where he feels the company of his siblings beyond death. In addition, Lucero also remembers the losses of his aunt, uncle, and cousins.

Although these experiences are personal to Lucero, he posits that they are not exclusive to him and that many people have had similar experiences on some level, whether they recognize them or not. As such, his book becomes somewhat of a guide where he encourages readers to let go of their fears and open their hearts and minds to be receptive to otherworldly incidents connecting them to the mysterious cosmos, ultimately enabling them to hear God's messages. Lucero carefully selects biblical evidence to support his reasonings throughout the narrative. Coupled with poignant loss letters written to honor them, Lucero includes beautifully drawn portraits of his brother and sister in remembrance.

As an ordained priest, Lucero spent time in dream seminars, learning about and interpreting their meanings and discerning the messages from God. That training, in conjunction with his personal experiences, has allowed him to piece together this intriguing book that is a means to finding closure and embracing the incredible. Lucero extends his hand, inviting his readers to explore and appreciate the unexplained and fascinating marvels of God's universe.

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