All Votes Matter!
by Jerry Spriggs

"Process is as important as results."

At a time when Americans are growing more isolated from one another, and the friction of partisanship pushes people further in their camps of belief, there is one author who challenges this political norm. Spriggs' book is nothing less than a call for a wholesale change of the nation's current system.

The Electoral College has become a lightning rod in recent years. As the author explains, it always fails to deliver voting results that reflect the will of the people. This book reveals the source of the failure and what can be done to remedy the situation. Many seem concerned about not having a clear direction of how to reform such an established institution. The author's solution is a new system called Equal Voice Voting (EVV), which retains the proportional voting process set forth in the Electoral College.

This book is not just targeted at every family's political junkie but also students and professionals in the realm of public policy and political theory. Its progressive message will attract a wide net of activists and millennials and is very compatible with the tastes of both Sanders and Trump supporters. Despite this being a work of political opinion and theory, it can still be utilized by several organizations and universities. What makes this title different from similar ones is its combativeness and raw energy. It provides a comprehensive insight into the political process and how ordinary people can become involved.

At a time when so many are turning away from the political process with growing frustration, this book serves as a refreshing expression of possible future engagement. It is an illustration that the pathway forward is filled with possibilities that can unite a fractured nation.

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