Almost a Christian: A Rebuke to Luke-warm Christianity
by Dorsett D. Smith MD
Ink Start Media

"Postmodern man desires his independence and is looking to getting from God rather than give to God."

Author Smith studiously examines the differences between those he considers “almost” or “lukewarm” Christians and those who hold to the true faith, supported by biblical text and as promulgated by Jesus and His disciples. His exploration sets forth the general proposition that much of postmodern Christian understanding is melded with a concept of “One-ism,” a new, essentially self-gratifying system that may even accept atheism. Smith posits the notion of “Two-ism”—an old, unchanging relationship between God and man, in which an independent, omnipotent God will look after his children and should be embraced by humans in pure faith rather than a rationalistic belief system. The author is convinced, based on his extensive study of scripture, that modern evangelism often ignores the strict words of Jesus regarding eligibility for salvation. To accept God’s love means to be willing to die to self, repent, and obey His commandments—an uncompromising stance that postmodernists may reject because it is too difficult and not sufficiently inclusive.

Smith, with a professional medical background as well as a history of church leadership and participation, is determined to remind readers that there is a vast difference between intellectual acceptance of Christian tenets and genuine faith and dedication to God and Jesus. His research has clearly been extensive, and his intellectual gifts are apparent as he builds his dynamic case based on a large variety of factors, such as definitions of heaven and hell and the biblical narrative regarding the end times. Pertinent statistics suggest that, as the author expresses so powerfully, true Christianity is dwindling as more people embrace postmodern notions of astrology, reincarnation, and the like. Smith’s lengthy treatise and references for further study can therefore offer a rich focus for workshops and classes among thoughtful Christians wishing to delve deeply into the finer points of biblical doctrine.

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