Amber's New Family
by Elizabeth Cameron
Lettra Press

"Amber lined her nest with straw and soft furs and one fine spring day Amber laid 3 beautiful golden eggs."

Amber and Midnight find themselves the parents of three. Though they are dragons, they have many human friends, including their special friend, George, whom Amber has known since she was born. Their babies, or dragonettes, grow strong under the watchful eyes of their parents and George, and they begin to develop their own personalities. "Bella was fearless; nothing seemed to scare her." Nermal, her brother, is very loving, and Rosa is curious, sweet-tempered, and helpful. The new parents teach their young dragons all the important things they need to know about how to hunt, fish, and fly. Surrounded by a loving family and loyal friends who celebrate each of their achievements, the dragonettes are safe and secure. As they approach their first birthday, the whole village pitches in to make it a special day. And with the help of Midnight and Amber, far away friends are flown to the village to help celebrate in this whimsical story about family.

Though some additional editing for grammatical errors would enhance the overall effectiveness of the book, the story is still endearing. This tale about parenthood and family stresses the importance of establishing loving relationships and building community. The new parents find help from their friends, and the dragonettes benefit from the loving care of George and his family. The author gives each of the young dragonettes distinct personalities and points out the value of each one, a feature that will resonate with young readers with siblings. Community is an important theme running throughout the novel, as is kindness. Young readers will enjoy the sections about the dragonettes learning needed skills. Readers looking for a story about strong family ties and the bonds of friendship will find it here.

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