by L.L. McCall

"She felt as if she had known him forever as she got lost in his beautiful eyes."

Readers meet Carla and Paul Thompson. They are happily married and live in a town called Cold Spring Harbor in New York. Paul is a wealth management advisor, and Carla owns a brick-and-mortar store. They are both successful in their careers. One day, Peter, Paul's twin brother, shows up at their house needing a place to stay. His career as a musician has not taken off. Paul offers him a job to help around the house, and Peter accepts it. However, Peter's presence makes Carla uncomfortable. He always makes a pass at her when his brother is not around. On top of that, Paul spends more time at work than at home, which frustrates Carla. She wishes he could spend more time with her. Peter pretends to be okay with his situation, but he is not. The more Peter sees his brother thrive financially, the more envious he becomes.

McCall skillfully establishes a sharp contrast between the siblings’ characters. For example, they might be identical twins, but they are like night and day. On the one hand, Paul is hard-working, determined, and kind. He cares about his brother a lot. His blind spot is that he does not see his brother for who he truly is. Paul's trusting nature does not allow him to see Peter's flaws. In contrast, Peter is arrogant, lazy, flirtatious, and rude. He wants others to do the work, and he takes credit for it. He likes to take advantage of his brother. Peter always looks out for himself. His jealous nature directs him to make some questionable decisions. He does not care unless these choices benefit him. In addition, the author addresses the message that envy and jealousy can lead to unspeakable actions with devastating consequences. Readers will also appreciate this book because of its many twists and turns.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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