And the Sun Taketh...
by Leo Lysucor

"My Whirlwind is sucking up everything under thirty pounds into the sun, including foliage, animals, water, the earth’s atmosphere, and human babies."

In his quest for scientific innovation, Glenn accidentally creates a whirlwind, essentially his own weather pattern, which is launched from his secret lab. A brilliant thinker and innovator, Glenn, nicknamed Dr. Glennenstein by outsiders, is trying to rid the world of nuclear waste with his invention. But when his experiments go awry, he is labeled a terrorist and must go on the run and begin the work to intercept, disperse, and destroy the whirlwind before it decimates the earth irrevocably. Using all his scientific prowess and predictive capabilities, he begins the greatest experiment of his life, tracking his accidental climate creation and killing it before it destroys the world. Through trial and error, varied resources, and deep vats of knowledge, Glenn’s journey to save the world from climate ruin is mind-bending, wild, and endlessly imaginative.

From the moment Glenn is introduced, it’s clear that he is going to keep things interesting, subversive, and radically unhinged. As he sets off on his journey, he encounters dangerous foes, wild animals, possibly a telepathic alien, and scientific experiments that yield unexpected outcomes. His sexual exploits are graphically detailed throughout the story of his scientific pursuits. While he may be nicknamed Dr. Glennenstein in the spirit of Dr. Frankenstein, he seems more akin to Rick Sanchez of the animated series Rick and Morty. This scientific adventure story maintains an intensity throughout Glenn’s quest to solve problems through science and, more specifically, through the scientific method of hypothesis and experimentation. Each test and outcome is fraught with danger and tension as Glenn seeks to create a “whirlwind buster.” A larger message looms about global warming, nuclear waste, and other environmental dangers which demand greater scientific intervention to counteract certain destruction.

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