by Kaylin McFarren
Creative Edge Publishing

"Lucifer's most frightening power is annihilation. You don’t need knives, spears or firearms when you can turn your enemies to dust with the wave of a hand."

Hell has a new ruler, and her desire for eternal power knows no bounds. When Queen Lucinda replaces her father on the throne of Hell, a new reign of terror and perverse dominion begins. But maintaining control proves to be more difficult than Lucinda imagined as political enemies conspire, secret alliances form, and her father's spirit returns to claim what it is his. Evil retribution is unleashed when he reclaims the throne in a stealthy, unexpected move. Lucifer punishes his daughter and begins the hunt to kidnap and possess the enigmatic Samara, who becomes his queen by brutal force. But some outside of Hell believe Samara to be the miracle prophesied to destroy Lucifer and save the world from annihilation. Will she discover her power in time, or will Lucifer's mark consume her?

This thrilling is a venture into the depths of Hell offers unrelenting intrigue and fearsome characters. The betrayals and powerplays between individuals and political factions stoke the suspense and keep readers guessing over loyalties and outcomes. Demons, shapeshifters, angels, and half-humans populate the pages of this paranormal fantasy. These characters provide a complex network of good and evil as they try to protect themselves and their families. At times, they resort to unspeakable violence and sacrifice in the fight to stay alive. Samara emerges as a young woman learning to use her powers and discovering her true destiny as either the Queen of Hell or savior of the world. Her brutal journey into the bowels of Hell and the bed of Lucifer is not for the faint of heart. The rape scenes are graphic, and the violence in Hell is torturous and savage. The demons in Hell torment and torture, delivering punishment in unimaginable ways.

However, there are also timeless stories of love, friendship, sacrifice, and identity within this hellish tale. The rich worldbuilding and deeply imagined story bring forth classic themes about the corrupting influence of power and evil's corrosive, destructive force. The mythic and horrific combine to generate a fantastical, dark descent into cruelty with a hint of hope on Earth as forces align to defeat Lucifer. Swerving allegiances keep the plot twisting and readers engaged as the action moves toward an epic battle.

Pop culture and texts from many different cultures are full of stories, representations, and manifestations of Satan and Hell. From classical literature's Inferno and Doctor Faustus to television's Lucifer and Supernatural, portraying the devil offers opportunities to explore morality and question the nature of good and evil. McFarren leans into the challenge with her convincingly detailed depiction of Lucifer, his daughter Lucinda, and a host of demons at his command. McFarren wields her own kind of power as she unleashes this story from her boundless imagination and creative soul. Readers should tread carefully if they dare follow her dark tale into the depths of Hell. As Dante warned, "Abandon all hope ye who enter here." The scenes of graphic violence, erotica, and torture are intense, and Lucifer is not a conflicted soul looking for redemption. He is every bit the iconic Satan of old, and Hell is one's worst nightmare and vision of despair and horror.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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