Another Jesus Movement
by Prophet Anthony Starnes
Stratton Press

"…I am a prophet, not a secretary, so it is not my purpose to copy another man's work."

More than fifty years ago, Starnes nearly died in a motorcycle accident. Even today, he bears its scars, being dependent on an electric wheelchair for mobility. He realized that many would hesitate to seek out a faith healer with such physical limitations. But this ex-con turned fervent Pentecostal had an inspirational conversion story that God directed him to share. Still closely attentive to divine instruction, Starnes has recorded one hundred and twenty revelations God gave him about the end times and the progressively rapid moral decline of the world generally and the United States in particular. Some of these come from biblical passages. Others reached him from televised evangelical programs and news broadcasts. He urges his fellow Christian Americans to move as far away as possible from the corruptive influence of non-Christian foreigners, find a place to hide, and prepare for Armageddon.

Those who share Starnes' devout Pentecostal faith constitute the most likely intended audience for the teachings he has committed to paper here. He uses frequent quotations from scripture, set apart from his original material in capitals, to support his contentions. A detailed appendix explains revelations he has received from God concerning society's moral decay and follows the main text. The author's narrative does not shy away from controversy or inflammatory rhetoric. For example, it advocates the large-scale killing of Muslims, refers to undocumented immigrants from Mexico as "illegal Mexican alien bums," and uses a racial epitaph to describe former President Obama. The author also disagrees with the recent widespread outcry of those, especially women, who have survived sexual violence. For instance, he views rape as a personal sin rather than a crime. Controversial or not, the opinions expressed in this volume are candid and fearlessly worded as Starnes speaks his own heartfelt truth.

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