Anthology: 1975-2020
by R.K. Clark

"Strange disappearances of friends
and loved ones,
on the water and in the air."

Spanning forty-five years of the author's writing and experience, the poems in this collection cover everything from historical occurrences, wildlife, pieces of life advice, folklore, and superstitions. Selections like "Knock on Wood" humorously play on old sayings and cultural superstitions: "Lost my car, / Lost my house, / Lost my girl playing cat and mouse.".In contrast, other poems like "Sin City" express a nihilistic-tinged observation of a city where there's "No consoling to be found / when everybody's underground." Other, more personal poems, such as "Where Can That Cat Be?" draw readers into "Two days going on three" where a beloved pet disappears. Its resolute owner decides to "Use a little mental telepathy, / and soon, she'll be home right after me." Last, but definitely not poetically least, readers nostalgically sing about the joy that romance, even after many years, adds to life: "It's 2020 and I'm gonna sing out / how much I love you."

Readers who are fans of rhyme and connoisseurs of more traditional poetic forms will appreciate the whimsy and musicality these poems offer them. For newcomers to the poetry genre, the poems in this collection provide easy access to an often misunderstood genre. However, the collection is not only a verbal and sonic experience. With unique sketches placed in between poems, the book provides visual treats that allow readers to interpret the entries from a completely visual perspective. Intimate yet universal, this book is a poetic journey into the known and unknown, the observed and the questioned. Contemplative and insightful, it truly is a poetic treat and one that encourages readers to step into the speaker's experience: "Poems and lyrics to sum up my experiences. / Written intermittently, / aside from the beaten path."

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