Art Proverbs: A Masterpiece
by Richard Delgado
PageTurner Press and Media

"Art is like Honoring your Heart."

This book of short reflections consists of the author's impressions on art. In a brief volume of six chapters, Delgado delves into a multi-faceted look into how one perceives art as well as nods to the intention, power, and beauty of creation itself. Structurally, the proverbs are composed mainly of similes, such as "Art is like a still small voice; once you hear and listen, a colorful melody is drawn." The last half of the book contains extended similes: "Art is like Oxygen, it is colorless and tasteless and extremely abundant. It is something we take for granted, and never realize it's there, until we can't breathe. Then you realize it's called, The Breath of Life." The author also includes an introduction and conclusion in which he expounds on his intentions for writing the book.

This collection brings a unique and modern approach to proverbs in both theme and form. The author's use of the divine as well as the common everyday object to describe art allows for a wide range of themes within this compilation. As each proverb leads to further contemplation, the book can easily be adapted to meditative reading, making it an appropriate selection for lovers of inspirational works. The book can also be read in one sitting. Those who enjoy the whimsical will find fun passages. For example, "Art is like a Drive-Thru, you order what you see, and you talk to what you hear, and when you get your selection; by Pure Faith You Believe, what you got. "The author creates a good blend of the traditional and unique in this collection. Both offer food for thought in their intriguing comparisons.

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