Asim’s Extraordinary Journeys Book 1
by Tommy Lee Davis
Stratton Press

"Everyone chose to give their lives for this purpose."

An army arrives in a quiet, peaceful village. It unleashes destruction and sorrow as the soldiers kidnap the male children, murder many of the villagers, and leave an inferno burning in their wake. This heinous act of violence sets the surviving men of the village on a quest to rescue the children from the king's heavily guarded castle. As they embark on their journey, they first seek the help of the warrior Asim, who will bring battle-hardened skills to the villagers. While the rescue at the castle is the ultimate noble aim of their quest, along the way the avengers will clash with combative creatures and beasts and will encounter a punishing landscape. They will also recruit willing allies who will join the noble cause to save the kidnapped children.

This fantasy adventure is chock-full of epic clashes, dangerous endeavors, and memorable characters. Davis fills each page with dynamic scenes of rousing action and commendable camaraderie as characters are bonded together in battle. Each chapter introduces a new fantastical foe that ambushes the group with slinging arrows, brandished steel, and bloody attacks. Goblins, dragons, bandits, witches, and serpents stalk the band of heroes while other creatures offer magical help to the group, keeping the balance of good and evil in check. With cinematic flair, Davis is a master of action-packed sequences, realistic dialogue, and gut-wrenching deaths. The story constantly brings the unexpected around every bend in the journey and highlights individual glory and collaborative successes. The characters showcase their cunning intelligence and fierce bravery as they strategize, problem-solve, and make decisions. Young adult readers will enjoy this thrilling tale of a daring rescue attempt against all odds across an arduous terrain where risk abounds.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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