At The End of Everything (The Relevation Trilogy Book 2)
by G. W. Lücke
With Distinction Publishing

"We stand at the end of all we’ve once known and loved. At the end of everything."

In this second book in the series, the author continues the drama of Enthilen. He brings new readers up to speed with first-person narration. Yielding hints in a prologue, the story then continues with the installation of a new king. Adalwolf is still young with two guardians—his uncle/father, Malphas, and his mother, Romilda. Each has a different path planned for the boy king. As these plans unfold, the country of Ostamp and its Erstürmen citizens, warriors, slaves, animals, and rebels are thrown into chaos. Tom Anderson is a birraman who entered this world from his own. He is an Australian boy brought here by magic and hatred for the man who killed his grandmother. He must end a curse that revolves like a spinning blood compass, a swirling prophecy around birth twins, dark eyes of obsidian, and immortal life. Grin (a Grell) and Thaly, a Dobunni rebel, willingly hazard their lives for Tom.

The author has cleverly adapted themes from such classic fantasy works like The Lord of the Rings. In most fantasies, war exists between the good (Narnia‘s lion, Aslan) and evil (Voldemort’s mark on Harry Potter). Lücke’s world is equally dark and intriguing with a more adult audience in mind. This book addresses current topics, including gay lovers, rape, limitations for women, addiction, and PTSD guilt. The author has built a large infrastructure for his world. Maps and tables locate and identify details, homes, and appearances for major and minor characters. Terms and languages are also explained, which is a boon for new readers. The names for Ostamp’s chief cities, such as Sardis and Pergamos, hint at a biblical origin. Lücke is a master of the cliffhanger, which he skillfully utilizes at the end of each chapter. Readers will be captivated to the very end.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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