by Gabriel Anthony Lopez

"Geno could not believe there was a sabotage effort on Earth and the planetary defense. But from where and by who?"

Earth has been in trouble for a long time. After undergoing a cataclysmic event, all seismic activity has stopped. Geno and his father, Krev, live on an orbiting station where they monitor Earth. Geno is unsure what his father does, as he remains secretive about his work. All that changes one morning when Geno’s father tells him about new seismic activity and informs him that the answer is on Jupiter station and Geno must head there immediately. As Geno tries to leave, he realizes someone has been sabotaging the elixir used in interplanetary transport. With the elixir causing Geno serious illness, he races for an antidote. Afterward, Geno attempts to save his father but reaches him too late. His father gives him some microchips before he dies. Now Geno must rush to Jupiter station and try to save humankind. Along the way, he’ll be contacted by another species that offers assistance but is not altogether friendly.

Lopez’s short, science fiction adventure moves at a lightning pace. The protagonist is thrust into a situation he is ill-prepared to handle, but countless lives are now dependent on him. Using seismic and geological activity as the groundwork for his story is an interesting take by Lopez. Although intriguing, the overall strength of the narrative would have been enhanced through some additional editing. The writing and pace highlight Lopez’s energy and creativity toward his subject. Readers who enjoy the genre but find a lot of it slow due to explaining the science behind the worldbuilding may find Lopez’s fast-paced story a nice escape.

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