Baby Chick: An Easter Story
by Lois Lund
PageTurner Press and Media

"Dear little chicken,
You’re one of the things
I’m so glad that the coming
Of Easter brings."

In this beautiful, colorful children's book, readers young and old follow a young chick "As yellow as butter / Like a soft cotton ball." The new chick "with its cheep-cheeping call" runs through lush green grass amidst painted Easter eggs. The fluffy, happy chick celebrates its life and its freedom, while the narrator celebrates the new chick as well as the glory of Easter. Children learn lessons about responsibility and the value of life as they read through the narrator's experiences of caring for the baby chick: "I keep my baby chick / Inside a safe warm box." By the book's end, readers also receive a message about faith and Jesus, reaffirmed with the well-known and often quoted verse of John 3:16.

Unlike most other children's books, this book not only engages young readers by utilizing a standard rhyme scheme but also by including interactive drawing and painting pages where young readers can create their own chick-filled and colorful adventures. Additionally, the book introduces children to an age-old hymn, "His Eye Is on the Sparrow," one many churchgoers know by heart. The fusion of poetic narrative, interactive creativity, and an easy-to-follow song creates a well-rounded experience for young children who are just being introduced to church, faith, and even reading. Parents looking for an easy-to-understand way to teach their children about belief, nature, love, and responsibility will appreciate this book. The gorgeous, bright, and fun artwork in this book is "egg-stra" special and will engage readers of all ages. This book is also a great accompaniment to other faith-based children's books like Jessica Crews' A Special Glow.

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