Bathsheba and the King of Israel: A Historical Romantic Novel
by Barbara Young Singer
Christian Faith Publishing

"Close your eyes, Princess, and I will return you to the story of a lifetime."

This short novel offers a unique spin on the story of King David and Bathsheba through an inventive storytelling technique as Ichabod travels with Pharaoh's daughter, Princess Tashere, on her way to marry the new king—Solomon. When the convoy stops each night, Ichabod entertains the Princess and her maids with what he claims is the true story behind the marriage of David and Bathsheba. He begins at their first meeting when Bathsheba is only a amall child. Her family helps to shelter him at Ein Gedi, and Bathsheba becomes enthralled with the charismatic David. The feeling is mutual, but when she comes of age, a marriage is arranged by her father. She reluctantly marries Uriah. After he is ordered to the front line as the king's army is fighting in Rabbah, Uriah is killed. Soon, David claims Bathsheba as his wife. Readers will learn about their love and family dynamics and some of the history behind David and Solomon's rule of Israel.

Singer's tale of David and Bathsheba offers a fascinating look at the two. The story, told in increments as Princess Tashere travels to marry their son, Solomon, grabs the reader's attention with detailed accounts of David's rise to become king and his eventual marriage to Bathsheba. Historical figures come to life in the text, and the ancient story becomes fresh and interesting as retold by Ichabod. Not only is Ichabod's remembrance of what happened revealed, but some sections give both David and Bathsheba's interpretation of events in their past, bringing the story even more depth. The author's unique way of relaying the tale makes for an entertaining read, giving readers a deeper understanding of Israel's history. This book will surely delight those who read this wonderfully written account of an ancient time.

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