"At that moment I knew that he had seen me first as a person and later, as an attractive young woman."

In her memoir, Faris recounts her life with her late husband, Randy. They had been together for over twenty years and were the parents of three boys. Although she and Randy were happy, they encountered a few bumps. Indeed, Randy was battling alcoholism and his addiction to prescription drugs. Through it all, Faris was always by his side and never gave up on him. Then suddenly, Randy started having some health issues. Doctors could not figure out what was going on with him, which frustrated his wife. Then, one day, Randy died in his sleep of a heart attack at their home. Randy's abrupt death shocked Faris as her husband had just returned from the hospital. Throughout this journey, she had to take on a new role as a single mother while grieving the sudden death of the love of her life.

Faris dives deeply into her emotions and physical state at the time of her husband's untimely death. She focuses on how her mind and body responded to this situation. Since her mind was affected by the loss of Randy, her body could not function. For instance, she could not sleep, drive, or move. Every simple task was difficult for her to do. Indeed, this loss prevented her from properly functioning. The author does not hold back on her emotions and feelings. Faris acknowledges there is a correlation between the mind and body. However, during this period of grief, she turned to God for help, and he did not disappoint. She was determined to get better for herself and her children. Through this experience, Faris grew closer to God. Readers will appreciate this book because of its message that one can overcome loss and pain thanks to the Lord.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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