Bicycling, Unicycling, and Feline Fun
by Deborah Gibson
Author Reputation Press

"Bicycling, Unicycling, Barking, and Meowing. Pawsitively Safe Quality Pet Care is about the Pet Handler Experiences in Caring for Our Pet Family Safety."

In this sequel to Bicycling Dog Tails, author Gibson relays the stories of "Pawsitively Safe Quality Pet Care" through the voices of the animals. They are learning methods of safe cycling and building a community of canines, felines, and humans who care about their group and various issues that affect them and the planet. Among the subjects that are barked and meowed about (aided by photographs of the participants and their activities) are the pet parents, philosophies, and community of "Pawsitively Safe Quality Pet Care.” Unicycling introduces the small dogs to discover that desirable cycling world. The big dogs demonstrate their enjoyment by barking.

This unique publication celebrates that communication bond, life, nature, and Pawsitivity "Barking" for the other species, since other pets get the reader acquainted with various animals through the text and photographs as each chapter delightfully unfolds. Gibson uses the compassion and innovation generated by a distinct community to describe and illustrate the ways in which a diverse, caring, and active group can reach out to other groups and, potentially, the entire world to spread the message of "barking" appreciation for life itself. The book's apparently simple message goes to the heart of thinking, feeling, acting, and caring for one another, celebrating how everyone can demonstrate abilities and, through love, enthusiasm, and appreciation, teach others to do so, as well. Animal lovers who want some unique inspiration may find this book is just what they are hunting for.

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