Bitterness Runs Deep: 7 Steps to Uprooting the 7 Roots of Bitterness & Reclaiming Grace
by Dr. Beverly Carnes-Lowe with Isabella Campolattaro, MS

"Like a plant, bitterness starts deep beneath the surface, eventually taking root and producing toxic fruit over and over again."

Carnes-Lowe and Campolattaro have created a valuable, practical manual to help readers acknowledge and deal with any "roots" of bitterness in their lives. This task can be aided by sound counseling and God's grace. Seven elements of bitterness are described at the outset: unforgiveness, resentment, hatred, revenge, anger, rage, and violence. Using a chart that allows for statements of the varying degrees of each aspect and a rating by the reader for each, the authors state in strong but readily comprehensible terms the seven steps that must be taken to rid oneself of the undesirable traits. They present and elaborate on the seven steps for improvement. These include prayer, taking "healing action" (asserting oneself to make needed alterations or learning to let the problem go), and moving on. A deeper exploration of the roots of bitterness includes phrasing for prayers, suggestions for sharing one's answers, and utilizing both an appropriately aggressive stance and the willingness to forgive oneself and others for negative tendencies. The authors continually urge readers to "be brave" as they plunge forward with the methodology propounded.

Author Carnes-Lowe is a professional counselor, college professor, and president at Bible colleges in the Chicago region. Meanwhile, Campolattaro is a writer, mentor, coach, and inspirational speaker. Both writers' backgrounds enhance the teaching. Both also exhibit a strong dedication to helping others through their Christian faith, using biblical quotations to deepen one's understanding of many concepts dealing with recognizing and overcoming bitterness. They recommend using the book in groups, family devotions, workshops, and other mentoring/ministering situations. Because of its highly organized format, the book can appeal to readers in varying contexts. Offering resources for social assistance, Christian contemplation, and further reading, their slim but powerful guide can serve as a "carry with" aid for dealing with the kinds of challenges that may arise.

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