"All I know is that I'm still here, still enduring this imprisonment, mentally, and physically."

Chelsey is married to Curtis. He is an incarcerated inmate, but Chelsey believes she has found her Prince Charming. However, she soon realizes that she was wrong about him. One minute, he is the sweetest guy on the planet, and the next minute, he is taking out his frustrations on her. On top of that, they have not consummated their marriage because Curtis made sure to sabotage family visits by misbehaving. As a result, Chelsey’s family visits are denied. At this point, Chelsea realizes that Curtis is just using her for the money and that he does not love her as she does him. Throughout this journey, Chelsey must break free of Curtis’ hold over her before it is too late.

In her work, Yah tackles abusive relationships and how hard it is to get out of them. The author even draws a parallel between Curtis and Chelsey. Curtis is in prison, and he is not free. Meanwhile, Chelsea is living on the outside and has the freedom of her movements, but she cannot stay away from Curtis despite his abusive behavior. As Yah points out, she is trapped in this toxic relationship just like a prisoner. No matter how hard she tries to leave this relationship, her emotions will not let her. In reality, there is also a sharp contrast between her mind and her heart. Her reasoning tells her to leave Curtis, but her feelings say the complete opposite. Readers will likely appreciate this book because it exposes the signs of unhealthy relationships and their impact in the long run.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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