Blood Sapphire’s Revenge
by Dr. Bruce Farmer

"X put on the Kali mask and in a high, shrill voice quoted Leviticus 3:3: “‘And he shall present of the sacrifice of peace offerings an offering made by fire unto the LORD.’” He made the sign of the cross..."

Israel Defense Force staff sergeant and sniper Haddy Abrams is one of the best in the business, even though she battles serious demons. Her assignment is to take out a diabolical extremist in Yemen. She does that with a record-setting shot, but her actions unknowingly incite the ire of a man known only as X, an evil Eastern European oligarch intent on the destruction of Israel. After surviving his ordered execution of her via suicide bombing, Haddy fights back from her serious injuries. Once she has recovered, she enters the witness protection program and soon turns her focus to retribution against the man called X.

On the other side of the world, New York City police detective and former Army Ranger Wolf James is dealing with demons of his own. He has tried for years to get authorities interested in investigating the death of his family in an explosion. He also grapples with recurring dreams of a mysterious woman with whom he once made eye contact while hiking on Mount Rainier in Washington. He felt their connection immediately but was unable to find her later or even learn her name. However, when he is assigned to assist in a clandestine training operation in Ukraine, he unexpectedly discovers the woman he believes is his soulmate again.

This fast-paced, action-packed military thriller features an extensive cast of characters, including several bad actors, on different continents. Their stories seem unrelated early on, but the author skillfully weaves their stories together as he draws their paths toward a spectacular finish. The story has international intrigue, spiritual aspects, conflict, and a love-at-first-sight romance that should keep fans of this genre turning the pages to the end.

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