Bloodline -The Legend of WindWalker
by Carol Colson
Author Reputation Press

"But still, she refused to give up the only teachings that made sense to her."

Nhaya is reeling from her father's death and is frustrated by her mother's refusal to embrace their Native American heritage in the aftermath of the family tragedy. She begins to understand that she must find her own way with the help of her ancestors and in the face of a terrible ordeal that will test the bonds of her family. When her sister falls ill, Nhaya must race against time to find the healing powers that might save her and restore the family's belief in the ancient wisdom and protection of her bloodline through the Nez Perce tribe.

With its rich descriptive detail and strong character development, Colson's story is powerful and inspiring. Teen readers will strongly relate to this moving coming-of-age story's familial issues, identity crisis, and overall conflict. Colson also perfectly captures the Native American culture and the wonder of their ways and beliefs. With clear-eyed prose and the portrayal of authentic relationships, Colson depicts a teen's life on the edge of despair but also in the beautiful throes of possibility and realization. Nhaya's journey is adventurous and dangerous, revelatory and riveting, and an open-hearted addition to young adult fiction.

The strong theme of reconciliation will resonate with readers as characters contend with feeling disconnected from their culture, their purpose, and their families. In this fertile place of searching and seeking, the story unfolds in layers of resounding truths and wisdom. As Nhaya learns to trust herself, the world opens up to show itself to her in healing ways. In the process, Colson connects readers to Native American culture, keeping traditions alive for a new generation to celebrate and embrace alongside Nhaya.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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