Blue Crystal
by Mark Ridler
LitPrime Solutions

"He flicked the main control switch and a kind of dark comedy ensued. They all started to randomly move body parts in a weird dance."

Mental gymnastics, moral malfeasance, and historical hijinks mix and mingle with outrageous effect in this satirical look at technological breakthroughs and geopolitical gamesmanship designed to turn telepathy into military advantage. Science is put to work in the quest for superiority as supposed allies bounce back and forth between exchanging information and harboring secrets. The initial assumption—that we're the good guys—is sorely tested by the novel's end.

High-profile organizations such as the CIA and MI5 duel to uncover, understand, and exploit physical breakthroughs that could lead to game-changing developments in the world of psychological thought control. Great Britain's prime minister, David Cameron, matches wit and wile with America's president, Barack Obama, to stay on top of mind-blowing developments that have the potential to advance offense as well as defense in the seemingly neverending search for strategic superiority. Genius-level scientists work hand in hand with highly trained covert operatives to pull the wool over the public's eyes, the press, and their own experimental subjects as the fallout from trial and error leads to shock, awe, and even murder.

Author Ridler intricately weaves a plot of accelerating suspense while never straying very far from irony and humor. He moves things along at an electric pace yet maintains a firm grasp on his characters' inherent idiosyncrasies. Less technically astute readers may have a somewhat difficult time keeping up with the science. However, everyone will likely enjoy the internecine chicanery between global governments and frontline fanatics, as well as the ominously escalating attention paid to the mysterious Leather Jacket Man and his wife.

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