Blue Skies and Tail Winds
by Gerry Cole
Stratton Press

"'We’re too low and we’re going too slow. Watch out for the trees!'"

The Cole family learns firsthand that life can change in an instant. In this moving story of survival and resilience, a mother faces the greatest challenge of her life when over sixty-five percent of her son's body is burned after he survives a fiery plane crash. After enduring more than forty operations, Matt and his family find a new way forward and fervently believe that "quitting is never an option." As the mother narrates the experiences of the burn unit, she captures the constant worry and fear that becomes a new part of her life as her son spends more than five months in the hospital. The journey chronicles Matt's lifelong passion for flying, the accident, and the arduous recovery with vivid details. While told from the mother's perspective, the impact on the entire family is also explored.

This is a moving story of a mother's love and care in the face of unimaginable medical struggles. As a caregiver, Matt's mother must navigate not only the physical disabilities of her son but also the psychological trauma. When her son questions what kind of future he will have as a man, his mother is there to encourage him and support him and help him find an independent life. Satisfying and inspiring, this powerful story depicts a family's fighting spirit and the dedication of doctors, nurses, and therapists. Readers will turn the pages with tears welling up and smiles breaking out as Matt endures and eventually thrives. This story of triumph over tragedy is uplifting and is a vibrant testimony to motherhood. Authentically rendered, Cole plumbs the depths of a mother's worst nightmare and emerges from the other side, bearing witness and offering light in the darkness.

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