"Building hope is both individual and collective. We have our own inner work to do in our spiritual development as we tend to our inner landscapes and build from our most deeply held values and beliefs."

Ever wondered how to make a positive difference in the world? This book helps answer that question as Egan delves, with anecdotes and personal experience, into how every single action toward this goal, whether small or big, is impactful to the world. Even the simple act of hope and maintaining gratitude can go a long way in influencing a person’s attitude toward the world around them, thereby positively shaping how they react to it. In other words, hope begets change. The smallest acts of kindness, love, and compassion have rippling effects.

Egan provides numerous anecdotes to back up her statements with facts, which allows this book to be a nice introduction to a lot of people who have given back to their communities, whether on a small or large scale. With stories that share the actions of both the young and the old working to improve their communities, her book also shows that age does not have to be a barrier when it comes to advocating for change. All it takes is one person to start and once more join in.

The author clearly illustrates that the act of working together is what really makes a group of people earn the title of community. So not only does making change mean impacting current communities but also growing new ones, forming long-lasting connections and power that can only be made when coming together for the greater good. Along with sharing numerous stories, Egan outlines multiple ways to get started and how to maintain hope and practice gratitude. While doing this, she maintains a conversational and engaging tone that makes her book a cozy read.

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