Caring for Parents and Other Loved Ones: A Guide for the 21st Century
by Wilson Simmons III
Author Reputation Press

"Being a caregiver is a gift from God."

This guide for caregivers examines the author’s own process of caring for his mother, which he focuses on throughout the book, as well as information from others who have also gone through such healthcare issues. He indicates that the first priority of a caregiver is to take care of oneself while planning for the end of the loved one’s life. The twelve chapters consist of information related to issues such as making the decision to become a caregiver, the need to reach out to others for help, concerns such as diet, exercise, and driving, and recognizing the various health issues that may arise. The book also focuses on the burnout of the provider, how to cope with it, and dealing with various systems such as nursing homes, funeral homes, and Medicare and Medicaid. At the end of the book, there are “The Ten Commandments for Seniors,” including having a will, getting a second opinion, and asking questions of care providers. There is also a chart at the end regarding patient medications, healthcare contacts, and a sick room checklist.

The book offers significant information about how to be a helpful caretaker for loved ones, including potential problems and solutions. The chapters end with a summary and “Wise Tips” as related to each topic. Relating the practical information to that of real-life situations as seen through the lens of the author offers a humanizing aspect of the book. Offering various lists, such as asking others for help with various chores, a list and explanation of various health issues, as well as teaching about Medicare and Medicaid, helps the reader to see the basics of caregiving needs clearly. Overall, this is a positive and helpful read.

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