Caron: Awakening
by C.J. Teahan

"While one could still see the resemblance of a pea green automobile on the passenger side, the driver's side was so thoroughly smashed that it was inconceivable that anyone seated there could have lived."

Caron Schreer was driving to high school one morning when she had an accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury. This book, written by her mother, recounts the long journey to recovery Caron had to undergo. Initially, no one knew the extent of the injuries, but it was clear to everyone that it was serious. Caron was assessed and put in the care of a team of doctors and specialists who were to help her regain as much of her previous life as possible. Caron's family offered unwavering support and dedication to this same goal. Sometimes, the family and care team butted heads about the care or recovery plan, and they would all have to learn how to work together to accomplish their common goal. Fundamentally, the force driving all of them forward was the remarkable and determined Caron. This book follows the path of her rehabilitation as she navigates the last years of high school and plans to be successful in college and beyond.

Teahan has a background in education which is obvious in her writing. Her sentences are clear and well-written. She has checked her information with experts in the field and has done a great job breaking down complicated areas of traumatic brain injuries in ways that make sense to non-medical professionals. Considering she and her family lived this ordeal, she presents their situation surprisingly pragmatically. It is a remarkable feat. However, that very professional approach sometimes leaves the feeling that there are emotional and psychological depths and moments of discovery that aren't fully offered. Still, the strength of the family and the caregivers is extraordinary, and the book is a solid read.

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